Wednesday, April 1, 2009

youtube videos of the 3/28-3/29 DOCNA trial

Maddie's standard run

Panda's North American Challenge run and nationals qualifier

Panda's trigility run

Panda standard run

Maddie's Jumpers Run

Maddie had a 19 second jumpers run with a Q and 1st place.

videos of the 3/28-3/29 DOCNA trial

Maddie during her Gambler's run in DOCNA. We are allowed to start anywhere on course and take any numbers of obstacles before the horn sounds at that point we had to proceed to the gamble- the obstacles behind the orange line- and complete them to earn our points and Q. Maddie needed 15 points to qualify and the gamble. Each obstacle is assigned a point value. She earned 39 points, qualified and a 1st place ribbon.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DOCNA Agility Trial Last Weekend

Another DOCNA trial. On Saturday Maddie went three for four. She Q'd in standard 1 and Jumpers with a time under 20 seconds. Her NQ in Standard 2 was from a dropped bar...I pulled her too tight around a jump and she nicked it with her nails for a drop. It was a beautiful run. She had her first gamblers run. I missed most of the walk through and planned a quick course I thought would give her the best entrance to the gamble. When the runs began all the other handlers chose to handle it from the other side of the course. I was worried I had botched it. Maddie was one of the few dogs to Q on that particular course. Panda on Saturday went two for three having a successful standard and jumpers run. Her NQ was caused by her excitement during the first run of the day. She went out of her way to take a tunnel. She did not miss any contacts due to the judge or the boyscouts. She actually sniffed a boyscout as he ran up to us to give me her leash after the run. A few months ago that caused her to run out of the ring in fear.

Sunday, both girls were in trigility(a relay race with 3 dogs each running a different course) and ran their portion of the course clean and fast. Panda had a beautiful standard run and a Q. Maddie and Panda both participated in the North American Challenge which allows us to compete in the nationals if the dog Q's. Maddie had a beautiful run until I forgot to cue a turn and she went straight (like I told her to) and took an off course jump. Panda did well and did her first set of 12 weave poles in competition. She Q'd and took 3rd place. She will be competing in the Nationals in October.

In April, we are traveling to Payson for a day to give Maddie a chance to Q in the NAC so that she can go to the nationals. Hopefully, I will give clearer signals this time.

Both girls are close to their Merit award in DOCNA needing 10 standard Q's, 5 jumper Q's, 3 gamblers Q's, 3 trigility Q's and 3 snakes and ladders Q's.

I am so proud of them both. They worked great through the heat and the long trialing days showing enthusiasm. What else could I ask for?

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