Monday, March 16, 2009

DOCNA Agility Trial March 2009

Had our first Spring DOCNA agility trial. DOCNA stands for Dogs on Course in North America. A great agility venue. Very much like ASCA or NADAC. Laid back and fun. A wonderful place to train and to find out if your training transfers to the ring. Maddie and Panda both competed. Maddie had two great days. She ran fast and accurately. She had a very fast jumpers course of 18+ seconds. We were flying and having fun. She also competed in the North American Challenge. She did a great job. However, we did not qualify due to my shoulders being turned to a tunnel instead of a dog walk. My fault. We will try this again next weekend. Panda worked through allot of her fears. Panda is afraid of men and boys and will not complete contacts or will not take a jump if it is near someone with testosterone. She ran all runs clean and in time, even with lots of boy scouts in the ring, several photographers and male judges. She did refuse one teeter. There were two photographers, a boyscout and a dad with several children all at the spot with the teeter. She faced her fears and took the teeter the second time and completed the run. She had her best weekend yet. She went 5/6 qualifying and had a 19 second jumpers run. It warms my heart to see her gain confidence and a love for agility.

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  1. Aww, I hope Panda gets over her fears of males. She is so cute! Maddie looks like she could take home the first prize. Good for you to do this... good for your dogs, too.



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