Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A favor to Ask

I know I have been a sporatic blogger lately. I had some back issues that required surgery and may now need a second surgery. I love dog agility. It is one of those things that get me excited for the day. Creating and training my dogs. Each morning starts the same. I feed the dogs walk the little one for my rehab and play ball with the big ones for their exercise. Then I brush them all and clean their teeth and ears. There is also poop picking up as well. I have five dogs and even though I am verging on becoming a crazy dog lady, I love taking care of my dogs and competing with them.

When my back went south so to speak, I no longer can run. It has been difficult to me. I have had to retire Maddie and Panda from agility. I needed a smaller dog to compete with. One I could keep up with at a fast walk and by using distance. I checked into breeders and was put on a wait list for a corgi puppy that would be born in two years. About two months ago, a friend of mine from agility, Vicki, from Cactus Corgi Rescue contacted me about a dog she got into rescue. I had just been talking to my husband about the perfect dog for me would be an older rescue puppy that would have AKC paperwork. We both laughed at the prospect of finding the perfect dog in rescue. Boy was I picky. Well, Vicki, told me about Pearl, a 9 month old pup with AKC paperwork and a temperment for agility. Sometimes, the universe moves in magical ways. Serendipity is what I call it. We adopted Pearl and she has helped me tremendously with the depression that was creeping in due to the constant pain and the realization of all I could no longer do. She also kept me motivated to do my rehab of walking. I couldn't take my big dogs in the chance they could pull me.

Pearl was chosen by Vicki to be in the Corgi Calendar to raise money for the rescue. We worked on clicker training and the stay command. She did wonderfully. I have an opportunity through the photographer to win a copy of her picture on a 20x24 canvas. Would you please help us by voting for Pearl at this link. Just scroll past all the wonderful corgi pictures and the comments and at the bottom will be a place to comment by saying "I vote for Pearl". Thank you so much.

Lisa and Pearl


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