Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Photo Tent

When I first started my blog I took all my photos in my laundry room on the backdrop of various towels and sheets. After getting more serious about blogging I realized that my photos of my creations were being detracted from by the various towels and sheets. After figuring out that I needed to do something different, I had to find out what to do. A photo tent seemed the answer. Just in time for my birthday, my parents gave me an gift card and a week later a new photo tent was in my hot little hands. I am getting the hang of it and I think my pictures are much cleaner looking.

On a side note. One of our air conditioners broke. The one that controls the master bedroom. My Dad is is going to come over tomorrow and help us figure it out. Thank heavens. For now I am in my craft room, which thank goodness has air. I will be sleeping on the couch tonight-my hubby gets the loveseat.


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